SUTCLIFFE NO MORE [Sutcliffe Jugend]

2xCD Digisleeve (4iB060) - 4iB

Limited Edition 300 copies

SUTCLIFFE NO MORE,  a continuation of SUTCLIFFE JUGENDffe Jugend release the harrowing new double CD ‘Domestic’ recorded during Lockdown 2020-21, which explores themes of isolation and domestic abuse.
This double album is the result of the current Pandemic, taking into account loss, frustration and fear that have rained down on the world this past year.
This is the first release by Paul Taylor and Kevin Tomkins as Sutcliffe No More, which is Sutcliffe Jugend but with a new name.
After the one off album as Slaves No More, the band reverted to the same lyrical themes and musical intensity of Sutcliffe Jugend, through using spoken word and singing combined with classical, choirs and electronica.
This superbly produced album is a one of a kind release that is unique and as always, a difficult listen and definitely not for the faint hearted.
It takes you to a place outside of your comfort zone and is essential listening for those with a taste for extreme art.

Limited to 300 copies - Digisleeve + 16 pages booklet.
Best UK Industrial Power-Electronics.

1-1  You Are The Mirror 2:51
1-2  Complicit 11:33
1-3  The Misery Of Loves Company 7:14
1-4  Domestic 14:17
1-5  Unclean 9:09
1-6  Imperfect Tragic 10:16

2-1  Talent 8:36
2-2  Hide 9:28
2-3  The Day Before You Came (The Letter) 10:32
2-4  Trigger Warning 8:53
2-5  One Piece Missing 7:51
2-6  Cozy Doll 14:26

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