Like a Tree Growing Out of a Sidewalk


CD Digipack (TCZ 010-1) - TICONZERO

A forest, a virtual forest.
An urban forest, maybe, populated by shattering shadows.
Birds and insects.
Voices, human or not.
Trees slowly growing, roots swelling gently.
Gradually its dark creeps under your skin in a deafening roar.

In this work Dream Weapon Ritual deconstructs and reassembles the thin substance of dream and vision in a performance-ritual that, moulding together organic electronics and treated acoustic instruments, takes place in an invisible and vague terrain; an unexplored territory, where the borders between song, theatre and installation blur.

"Like A Tree Growing Out Of A Sidewalk" started as a multimedia performance with collaboration of visual artist Elisabetta Saiu, whose video, projected on tulle screens accompanied each staging.
It has been premiered in March 2007 at Lenz Teatro, in Parma, for "As A Little Phoenix" festival.
Now it is also an intense and fascinating album made of little string and wind instruments, birdcalls, old synthesizers, sound objects and voice.
A collection of visionary soundscapes where boundaries between droning electronica and
imaginary folk traditions are constantly forced.
All sound material was improvised in five sessions recorded between January and February 2007 and subsequently lovingly culled, edited and overdubbed between May 2007 and October 2008.

Formed in November 2006, Dream Weapon Ritual is the duo of Simon Balestrazzi (historiacl leader of the Italian industrial-cult project T.A.C.
and member of the first Kirlian Camera incarnations) and Monica Serra.
Simon Balestrazzi is an electronic/electroacoustic composer and sound artist active since the 80's.
He released many albums and performed live around Europe under various names.
Monica Serra is a talented actress whose artistic research led her to double as vocalist since 1999.

Tracklist :
01 Black Forest Myth 3:31
02 23 Visions Of Light Appear 5:17
03 Dead Things Always Come Back 5:01
04 Zero Growth 7:16
05 Little Angry Birds 7:34
06 Comfortably Nested 7:08
07 Travelling Without Maps 5:00
08 Like A Tree Growing Out Of A Sidewlak 6:32

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