Mechanical Fluxus


CD Carton Sleeve (TCZ013-1) - TICONZERO

Monosonik are Giorgio Ricci (Templebeat), Corrado Altieri (Uncodified / Candor Chasma) and Alessandro Cemoli.

Monosonik do Intelligent dance music, a very compact and uniform rhythm work, almost danceable ....
Very balanced sounds, rhythmic hiss square and well set in the context of sound.
The arrangements
show how tracks have been organized with a lot of intelligence and without worrying exclusively to play everything efficiently and without losing sight of the whole idea of the "song".
In a way, Mechanical Fluxus is situated in a sort of post-techno space.
Best electronic music, post-techno and industrial sounds.

1 Data Error In Monosonik Area    
2 Dissolving    
3 Panopticon (Thanotoxin RMX)    
4 Final Oblivion (Ventilation Mix)    
5 Monosonik (SSHE Mono 01)    
6 Number Of Number    
7 Insomnia (Hidden Camera RMX)    
8 Panopticon (1.37 Mix)    
9 Monosonik (SSHE Mono 02)    
10 Monoinsomnia    
11 Hidden Room (Tethraedrical Robots Mix)    
12 Broken Memory

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