Du Suicide


Book + Mini CD (lkl-53) - LENKA LENTE

Softcover Book of 52 pages (10 x 15,5 cm) + Mini CD

As long as the laws are not perfect enough, or the governments good enough to preserve man from the effect of the most frequent combinations of fortune, and the deadly collision of interests; as long as the social machine is defective enough for those it has to protect to fear being crushed at every moment by the play of its springs, it will be absurd, odious, and barbaric to want to prevent those who are threatened by the wheel, to take refuge from torture by throwing himself into this eternal river, on which the pitiful machine is incessantly suspended.
What suicide has ever called its readers better to “rush out of the circus” than Alphonse Rabbe (1784-1829)?
It would have taken the writer he was - a historian and a journalist, too - to end his days so that, thanks to the efforts of his nephew Lucien, his only “true” book could be published: Album of a Pessimist.

The exaltation and licentiousness of the excerpt we reissue here was made for Nurse With Wound.
The Mini CD slipped into Du Suicide is thus the tenth collaboration of Steven Stapleton and Lenka's slow project.

Nurse With Wound– The Hovels of the Rich or the Rigid Digit   12:05

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