Faits Divers


Book + Mini CD (lkl-l14bis) - LENKA LENTE

Softcover Book of 44 pages (10 x 15,5 cm) + Mini CD

Two mad women who argue to devour each other, an honest man who decimates his family and assumes it, a simple burglary which turns into a riot...
Published in La Revue Blanche, these eight miscellaneous facts recount some faults committed by a handful of men whom other handfuls of men will only have to condemn.
Author of Bubu de Montparnasse and La Mère et l'enfant, co-founder of La Nouvelle Revue Française, Charles-Louis Philippe (1874-1909) once wrote to Maurice Barrès: "You separate nationalities, that's how you differentiate the world, I separate the classes. »

In 2016, on the occasion of the first edition of these eight texts, Nurse With Wound (Steven Stapleton & Brian Conniffe) composed "Music for Miscellaneous Facts: A Piece of the Sky Is Missing", a mini CD recorded for accompany the book.

A Piece Of The Sky Is Missing  15:00

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