Dum Spiro


CD Digipak (Luce Sia – 096) - LUCE SIA

TQTR is the solo project by Luca Ferrarini.
 Italian cult project for Obscure Industrial Ambient.

DUM SPIRO, is the second part of the TQTRylogy:
The TQTRylogy started with EGOMACHIA, follows up with DUM SPIRO and will end with CONCINNITAS.
They are three facets of desperation apparently different, devoid of any hope in that despite making a cyclical metamorphosis, they will still remain as they are.

DUM SPIRO is a painful and choking path leading to (following “EGOMACHIA” towards “Concinnitas”) the faltering bridge to the two chasms, which is a chasm itself.

1  Submersum
2  Fragmentum
3  Dissonantia
4  Xetyligontas
5  Explicans
6  Iniquitas
7  Ineluctabilitis (Demergor)
8  Improbatio
9  Extinctio (Verisimilitudo)
10  Defluxus
11  Defectionis/Dispersionis

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