Riven Nights


2xMusic Cassette (009a / 009b) - LUCE SIA

Limited Edition 60 copies

Roberto Marinelli (together with Maurizio Bianchi, Pierpaolo Zoppo a few others) is one of the old fathers of Italian Industrial.
LAXATIVE SOULS (LXSS), his first project was one of the very first industrial power-electronics projects appeared at the beginning of 1980 in Italy.
While EVITAXIAL is the new incarnation of Marinelli and is mainly oriented on minimal / drone sounds....

The LAXATIVE SOUL tracks on this tapes was recorded between 1980 and 1984, part of the material wass completely unreleased, the rest was anyway remixed.
The EVITAXAL tracks are mainly recordings done between 2012 and 2016.
The first official EVITAXIAL release came out as a split CD with LCB on OEC in 2015.
This is best Industrial with Italian trade-mark!

Numbered edition of 60 copies

A1 Laxative Souls Souls In Purgatory
A2 Laxative Souls Passion, Pulsion, Boredom
A3 Laxative Souls Hovering Dreamer (Live Excerpt Jan. 1983)
A4 Laxative Souls Niccolai (Con Angoscia Addizionale)
A5 Laxative Souls God's Head Soup
B1 Laxative Souls Resa Sonora Di Quello Che Farei Ad Un Presidente Del Consiglio
B2 Laxative Souls Finest
B3 Laxative Souls Greetings To Your Tweeters
B4 Laxative Souls Greatest Tips
B5 Laxative Souls Sovversione

C1 Evitaxal In The Midst
C2 Evitaxal Chant D'Amour Des Deux Shoggoths
C3 Evitaxal Xoɥy Жить ʙ Крьɪму
C4 Evitaxal In A Glass Darkly
C5 Evitaxal Animus Simplex
D1 Evitaxal Ma Senz'Altro Mozart, Come No
D2 Evitaxal Oliver Onions
D3 Evitaxal The First Gothic Novel

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