Ainda é Noite


CD Digipack (EQM 013) - EQUILIBRIUM

Portuguese artisans of acoustic ambiance and challenging melodies present their new opus, “Ainda É Noite”.
Having spent a good portion of the last two years preparing this much awaited release, the Portuguese all strings combo Dwelling returns reinvigorated.
Their trademark acoustic design has been slightly reshaped, not only by the recruitment of another violinist,but also through the use of other additional instruments - 8 string bass, fretless bass and 12 string Portuguese guitar have been weaved into the intricate fabric of Dwelling's compositions at key moments, adding new moods and textures to the band’s core foundations made up of classical guitars and distinctive vocals.
"Ainda É Noite" sees Dwelling gasping for air when faced with every day's asphyxiating city pace and taking the delicate female form and spirit for a late walk through Lisbon’s darkest streets.
The album seeks to expose the lonely side of feminine intimacy, embodying various moods and states of mind that grow more disturbing and unsettling as the quiet hours of the night roll by.
Nostalgia and romanticism often turn into decadent bohemian extravaganza, as the taste of Fado acquires a more progressive aroma, and Classical overtones flirt with Jazzy grooves throughout the album.
True to Dwelling’s tradition, the lavish compositions gracefully blossom into intimate acoustic settings on this fully in-house “top-notch” production. Recorded and mixed at Equilibrium Music Studios over a period of several months, the album was produced by the band and mastered by Francisco Martins, resulting in a pristine preservation of timbre and ambiance.

A must have release for all who love beautifull but sad music !

1 Vigília (1:26)
2 Acordar (4:05)
3 Ainda É Noite (3:24)
4 Sou Eu! (4:51)
5 Forget Me Not (4:15)
6 Some Love, Please? (3:17)
7 Da Minha Ausência (4:38)
8 Enthralled (3:04)
9 Fujo De Mi (4:26)
10 What If...? (3:47)
11 Opus DCXVI (2:25)

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