Limited Edition 200 copies

Originally released by Unexplained Sounds Group as only digital album.
New SONOLOGYST version re-mastered and expanded with additional track: "LHC" recorded by Raffaele Pezzella in 2022, in Naples.
Content: If science and research about electrons is a complex, but fascinating subject, it also reflects the sonic exploration of Sonologyst.
The work is a constant exploration of experimental noise fields, which often sound like signals emerging from distant and unknown music planets.
But is it really ‘music’ properly speaking?
“Electrons: A Scientific Essay” rapidly becomes a kind of abstract soundscape where the composer is manipulating the knobs of his machines to obtain a kind of hostile sound atmosphere.
There’s an interesting progression running through the tracks and especially the final cuts are worthy of examination.
Limited edition of 200 copies.

1.  Anti-Commutators 11:58
2.  Electrons 8:34
3.  LDirac = ψ(iγμ∂μ −m)ψ 2:18
4.  Zeeman Effect 15:04
5.  Scalar Higgs Field 3:54
6.  H = (p − eA)22m + eφ 6:25
7.  Hadronic Telescope 4:32
8.  Internal Spin 7:50
9.  LHC 2:25
10.  g' ψR γμBμψR 5:18

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