Unexplained Sounds



Limited Edition 200 copies

Many people all around the world hear strange sounds emanating from the sky, or from the depths of the ocean, or from deep underground.
In many cases these sounds remain unidentified while science still can't provide an explanation for this phenomenon.
This album lies somewhere between musical fiction and the reality of field recordings.
It runs from unidentified sounds heard in Finland and Canada, to possible sounds of deep water mermaids, and the sounds broadcast by the Andromeda galaxy.

1.  Unknown sound in Finland 02:16
2.  Haarp 02:55
3.  Around Vancouver 02:57
4.  Sound across light 02:39
5.  Planetary warning 03:41
6.  Mermaid 01:51
7.  Arecibo collection 02:58
8.  Sein und Zeit 08:50
9.  Andromeda 10:52
10.  Benghazi unknown noises 01:52
11.  Taos Hum 03:51

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