The new Sonologyst album, "Interdimensional", explores the paraphysical dimension of cosmic music.
It completes the dilation process of his sound, which began with the albums "Silencers" and "Ancient Death Cults And Beliefs", forming an ideal trilogy inspired by what is beyond the boundaries of science.
"Interdimensional" is inspired by the scientist Michio Kaku who theorized what could be the remote future of the human species, beyond matter, the stars, and known dimensions.
A future that could lead us to the victory over the end of everything, beyond the foreseen and inevitable death of the universe known to us.

Also a cosmic record in terms of sound, "Interdimensional" is pervaded by a sense of stasis reminiscent of Thomas Köner's isolationist electronics, but still characterised by the use of electrified instruments, analogue synthesizers and recordings of resonant metal objects.
Unlike the previous records, however, the typical dark experimental / post industrial sound of Sonologyst is filtered through hazy warping reverberations, and infinite delays, which musically depict the intergalactic journey of a civilization in search of a possible future beyond death.
Music ad astra.

Track listing:
1.  Ad Astra (5:24)
2.  Interdimensional Beings (7:13)
3.  Paraphysical Phenomenon (4:07)
4.  Through Memories And Galaxies (14:35)
5.  Multiverses (5:42)
6.  God-Level Traveller (7:21)

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