Elemental Severance (Redux version)


2xCD Digipack (OECD 213) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

The series of OEC re-releases by Peter Andersson's (Raison D'Etre) projects continues.
And here we go with the re-release of ATOMINE ELEKTRINE's much acclaimed debut album first out in 1995.

Labelled as 'new-age-sacro-trance' at the time, 'Elemental Severance' actually shows a wide spectrum of electronic styles resulting in a hybrid, yet cohesive masterwork.
From trancey rhythms and dreamy, sacral ambiences to occasional male/female choirs, melancholic melodies and well inserted samples.
As if the imaginary past and present could touch each other, everything is involved by a majestic, unique surreal atmosphere, producing gorgeous sounds that leaves you truly mesmerized.

This expanded double disc redux version of 'Elemental Severance' original album, first released on Cold Meat Industry in 1995, has been carefully re-recorded and mixed in 2015 for a more enhanced and contemporary experience.
The extensive extra material, taken from the same recording sessions as 'Elemental Severance', has in part been reduxed else transfered from original master recordings.

Atomine Elektrine is a side project of Peter Andersson, the mastermind behind the dark ambient industrial project raison d'être.
Atomine Elektrine, with thematical interest in the vast space and small atoms, is named after a nuclear power plant and is partly inspired by the electronic space music of the 70's.

Composed by Peter Andersson 1992-1994.
K-14 level mastering 2015.
Sleeve design by Peter Andersson.

§ Disc 1
1) Severance I
2) Film
3) Interlude I
4) Entrance Mirage
5) Interlude II
6) Oswiecim
7) Reliance
8) Voices of Trinity
9) Kalfatra
10) Fragments of the Past
11) Interlude III
12) Atom
13) Hyperion
14) Hypotension
15) Elemental Part 6
16) Zektor X
17) Interlude IV
18) The Archaic Garden of Delight
19) Spleen Iconoclasma of the Absolute

§ Disc 2
1) Earthly Delights in Eden of Rusty Shells
2) Exodus
3) Hyperion Main Theme
4) Hyperion End Theme
5) Forever
6) ...and Ever
7) Shining
8) Temper
9) Hidden Arcade
10) The Archaic Garden of Delight - early version
11) Elemental Part 6 - early version
12) Interlude IV - early version
13) Severance II
14) Ultra
15) Unknown Territories
16) Intro (Atomine Elektrine) - early version
17) Voices of Trinity - XL version
18) Spin-drier
19) Elemental Part 6 - first version
20) Binary
21) Centrifugal
22) Quinary

Disc 1: Track 1-19 and Disc 2: Track 1-5 re-recorded and mixed in 2015.
Disc 2: Track 6-22 taken from original 2-channel MC recordings.

Disc 1:
Track 1-13 original versions first released on 'Elemental Severance' CD by Cold Meat Industry 1995.
Track 14, 16 and 19 original versions first released on 'Atom Xtension' CD-R by Yantra Atmospheres 1999.
Track 17 original version first released on 'Binomial Fusion' 2CD by Essence Music 2004.
Track 15 and 18 are previosly unreleased versions.

Disc 2:
Track 1-4 original versions first released on 'Atom Xtension' CD-R by Yantra Atmospheres 1999.
Track 7, 9-11 and 13-14 first released on 'Atom Xtension' CD-R.
Track 5, 8, 12, 18 and 20 first released on 'Binomial Fusion' 2CD by Essence Music 2004.
Track 6, 17 and 22 first released on 'Zektor X' Download album by Yantra Atmospheres 2010.
Track 15-16, 19 and 21 are previosly unreleased.

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