Nebulous (Expanded Edition)


2xCD Digipack (OECD 217) - OLD EUROPA CAFE


Peter Andersson brings Atomine Elektrine to an utterly refined and perfectionist sphere.
Nebulous leaves all physical boundaries behind and takes you on a trip through endless space towards unknown deep corners of the cosmos.
The sound is widening every moment and the walls of your room seem to disappear.
Multi dimensional layers of sound makes this record into a cosmic outburst.
A truly out-of-body, deeply layered and dynamic cosmic experience in form of a masterful ambience filled with energy outbursts, synthetic movements, illuminating pulses and algorithmical rhythms.
An aural projection for a detailed exploration of nebulas, black holes, exploding stars and unknown deep corners of the cosmos.
Very much influenced by the electronic side of the kraut scene and with the ability of imposing his very own classic trademark, Andersson sets a new stone and makes 'Nebulous', composed in 2005, one of the greatest albums related to this genre since the early 70’s.
Peter allowing the ever evolving music to take shape slowly and form amidst the ever changing facades he creates.
Truly an amazing achievement.

Originally released in 2007 'Nebulous' is now presented in an expanded version with compilation tracks, earlier bonus material, previously unreleased stuff and also a complete live set earlier only released as a digital album with the title 'Space is an Illusion - Live in Vilnius'.

Presented in a 6-panel digipak with space friendly original art by Hypsis (

Track list
Disc 1:
1) Transforming Space
2) Energy Net I
3) Veiled Clouds
4) The Eye of the Nebula
5) In-between Spaces
6) Energy Net II
7) Deep Sky Twilight
8) Plasma Core of the Quasar
9) Plasmoid Detection

Disc 2:
1) Dreamtime Space
2) Datastreams
3) Tension Space
4) Plasmoid Detection (early version)
5) Deep Sky Twilight (live)
6) Energy Net III (live)
7) The Deep Invisible (live)
8) Geiger (live)
9) Plasmoid Detection (live)

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