Entropic Trash Apotheosis


CD Digipak (narco116) - NARCOLEPSIA

Yasutoshi Yoshida and Nicola Vinciguerra have both carved their own corner in underground, being consistent throughout their already long path, faithful to a very personal vision yet never relying on the mere repetition of a formula.
“Enthropic Trash Apotheosis” shows both projects combining forces for a long desired collaboration effort, where they complement themselves really well through a frantic, almost cartoonish, approach to the overall flow of the three tracks herein contained.
A cacophonic celebration of pure energy, blending the vibrant and feverish psychedelic electronics we all praise Government Alpha for with Fecalove´s slighty sloppier, nastier vibe.

I   Volatility
II   Spiritual Sublimation Through Magnetic Tape Worship
III   The Golden Rose Of Atrocity

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