Essence of Rituals - Flesh


LP + Music Cassette in Special Art-Box (OELP 028) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Limited Edition 9 copies

To be released before the end of January 2019
No discounted pre-order price.

FLESH version:
Red & Black Splatter Vinyl in Gatefold cover limited to 9 copies.
Includes additional Video download plus a C45 Music Cassette with exclusive sounds.
Special hand-made Box made out of broken ritual pieces, Bones, Springs, Scripts, Microphones, etc...
Each of those 9 copies will be a unic and exclusive art-objekt by Louis Fleischauer!

After 12 years of total silence finally here comes the new opus by AESTHETIC MEAT FRONT!
AMF is the musical project of LOUIS FLEISCHAUER, well known multi-media artist:
Sulpted Skin, Transformed Flesh, Human Instruments, Fleshexplorer.
LOUIS is also the man behind AMF Korsets, incredible sculptured leather corsets
AMF combines body art rituals with primordial soundscapes.

ESSENCE OF RITUALS: In contrast to previous releases this album reflects more of the raw energy from the public rituals of AMF instead of being a separate concept release that is born in the studio.
Only source for “Essence of Rituals” are sounds selected from 9 puplic rituals over the course of 7 years.
Those sounds are dissected and forged into a sonique dreamscape.
Most of the instruments used at the rituals of Aesthetic Meat Front include the human body in one way or another.
For example the heartbeat of Louis Fleischauer during suffocation, brainwaves at the moment of piercing and thereafter, amplified springs that are connected to the skin via hooks, the ultrasonique sound of an embryo.
Thus the euphoria and agony on stage can be shared with the audience in form of sound.

Tracklist:§ Primordial Kaos Invocation 12:40
A1. Invocation I-III
- Hermetic Chamber
- Dark Circus- Sadistic Circus
A2. Invocation IV (MS Stupniz) 7:52
§ Sacrifice to GaiaB1. Sacrifice I (Sons of an Older Cosmos) 8:52B2. Sacrifice II (Tokyo Earth Day) 11:02

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