CD Digipak (NF105) - NEW FORCES

"Exclave" is the debut of NYC-based duo Cryocene, comprised of Stefan Aune (KJOSTAD) and Matt Boettke (SCANT).
Over the course of 5 tracks Cryocene weave together an ominous landscape of industrial dread.
Bass drones and frigid synths are layered with waves of crumbling, crashing, shattering textures.
Sometimes meditative, sometimes crushing, "Exclave" tunnels deep into the depths before ascending into the cold, clear atmosphere.
This is the sound of freezing winds blowing across a ruined tundra.
Armories of carved steel stockpiled for conquest.
The weight of eons condensed into sonic form.

1.  Icebond Temple 8:09
2.  Cavern 5:55
3.  Desolation Edict 7:47
4.  Ruinous Expanse 12:04
5.  Forge Of Ashes 7:54

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