Mortal Terrain Incendiary


CD Digipak (NF094) - NEW FORCES

BREAKING THE WILL is a solo project by STEFAN AUNE, also known as KJOSTAD and for be the boss of NY based label NEW FORCES
Human terrain systems.
Operational art.
Combat maneuver.
Unrelenting harsh electronics exploding at a breakneck pace.
The first Breaking The Will full-length since 2015's "Choosing Death" is faster, rougher, and far deadlier.
Tactical innovations driven by a world on the brink.
Super-heated auditory munitions across six new tracks.

1.  Imperioclast 5:15
2.  Reaver 3:27
3.  Shard Sweep 7:07
4.  Arrogancer 8:57
5.  Cloudslicer 6:08
6.  Incendiarist 9:25

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