Versatility of Perception


2xCD-R Folder (OMS 08) - OMS RECORDS

... Each part of the "Versatility of Perception" is an imprint of the psychological state of the Creator in certain moment of time... an inprint expressed in sounds and trying to describe step by step man evolution path in the universe, as well as evolution of the universe itself the man...

"Versatility of Perception" documents the development of filivs macrocosmi through the years 2001-2003. First disk includes rare material, previously released by polish industrial label Soulworm Editions as ltd. ed. 50 CDR under the title "microcosm I-IX". Second disk includes previously unreleased material as well as material taken from mini-album of the project, entitled "innerself...isolationism" and released by OMS Records as ltd. ed. 50 3"CDR/CDR.

Package : cardboard digisleeve with golden printings !
81 handnumbered copies of pro-labeled CDRs with marker "s" after numberation ....

This album is now sold out at OMS ....!

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