Music Cassette (narco097) - NARCOLEPSIA

Limited Edition 90 copies

Reissue of an obscure tape originally put out by Peter Zincken (Odal) on his Nihilistic Recordings in 1987.
Exterminator was the project of German artist Markus Schwill and “Fire” provides an exercise in primitiveness at its most genuine, hardly replicable by today´s methods or any market driven nostalgia.
Disorienting, errant, exhaustive, with the captivating freshness of a very particular era, arguably freer from subgenre restrictions and preconceived rules regarding audience expectations, it deserves a renewed appreciation for those who crave for the most unrefined and primordial beauty.

Yellow C60 cassette with black prints.
Limited edition of 90 copies.

A   Untitled
B   Untitled

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