Set the World on Fire (Mixes, Hits and Last Temptations)


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When the Nineties where too fresh to know what would happen to them, Forthcoming Fire made their step on the musical stage to enlighten their scene with some of the finest Gothic Rock and Dark Wave known to this date.

Their first EP 'Longing for Light' was released on the famous label Hypnobeat/Hyperium from Nuernberg, followed by the albums 'Ekhnaton' (1992) and 'Illumination?' (1993), among the tracks on these CDs where such legendary songs like 'Lovice', 'Raise Your Wings Like Fire', 'The Mask' and 'Feuer'.
During the release of their third album 'Je Suis' in 1995 their audience during concerts increased more and more and Josef K's reputation as a charismatic singer also spread beyond their regular fans.

This album CD 'Set The World On Fire - Mixes, Hits and Last Temptations' gives the fans of Forthcoming Fire the full spectrum of what the band was known for - with a better sound, new mixes and new versions plus the two new songs 'Set The World On Fire' and 'Sonic Horse Ride' that have been performed and recorded by the band's founding members.
Epic songs like 'Der Unbesiegte Sonnengott', 'Feuer' or 'My Way Back Home' have been newly mixed and remastered and the tracks 'Summergold', 'Erde, Feuer, Wind und Wasser' and 'Sun Child' are featured as brand new versions with guest vocalists.
Whatever Forthcoming Fire or its members will release in the future, 'Set The World On Fire' is their testament and a love letter to a gone by era, when Gothic Rock was more transparent in sound, focussed on its melodic heritage from the eighties and also closer to the heart.

Tracklist :
1. Set The World On Fire (Previously unreleased)
2. Sonic Horse Ride (Previously unreleased)
3. Erde, Feuer, Wind & Wasser (New Version)
4. Great Mother Of Serpents
5. Feuer
6. Lovice
7. And The Autumn Has Come
8. Und Eure Kinder Bringen Das Licht
9. Der König Der Republikaner (New Version)
10. William Lovell
11. Summergold (New Version)
12. Der Unbesiegbare Sonnengott
13. On My Way Back Home (New Version)
14. Pleasure Whip
15. Sunchild (New Version)

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