Equator (Expanded)


CD Digi-Gatefold (VOX68CD) - OTHER VOICES

Limited Edition 300 copies

Re-edition of the cult album out in 1995.
Coming four years after their lauded PEYOTE release, for EQUATOR the group split and reformed into their MK II phase with the two original members Roger Horberry and Andrew Hulme, along with Malcolm McGeorge, Dan Mudford & Pete Woodhead.
Making use of the emergent technology of the early 90’s, Equator was one of the first albums to be mixed with digital equipment, weaving together a blend of studio, live and location recordings to create their own deeply immersive, enveloping soundscapes.
Brooding atmospheres unfold underneath a wide range of ethnic percussion and deep, meditative basslines - existing in a unique cross-section of Hassell inspired 4th world mystery, Industrial landscapes, and the rich middle-eastern projections pioneered by Muslimgauze.
It's a deeply hypnotic work that joins the dots between the late 80's industrial scene and the smoked-out chill-out rooms of the '90s, released on the brilliantly haphazard Staalplaat label who ensured O Yuki Conjugate remained total obscurity in their home country.
Now revisited, this expanded edition features an additional 30...

OYC on this occasion :
R. Horberry / A.Hulme / M.McGeorge / D.Mudford / P.A.Woodhead
J.W.Gardiner (soprano sax)
P.Schütze (percussion and Keyboards)
R.Jenkins (bass on track 3)

tongue drums, bass, thunderegg, voice, keyboards, samples, wireless, stratus, airtubes, skin, percussion, marimba, digital edits, dharbouka, roto-tom, sholak, finger cymbals, rain stick

1.  Insect-Talk 06:39
2.  Sunchemical 06:03
3.  Gathering Shadows 05:08
4.  Skinned 03:29
5.  Equation 04:22
6.  Shintone 01:48
7.  Mansoases 05:16
8.  Umbra 02:40
9.  False Prophet 06:53
10.  200ft Vertical Wall 01:07
11.  Departure 07:05
12.  Slight Return 02:45
13.  False Prophet (original) 05:14
14.  Equatorial 04:25
15.  Fleshtones 04:06
16.  Tegen Tonen 02:12
17.  A Gap Between Two Worlds 03:43

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