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Tropic is a reworking of lost, forgotten and unreleased O Yuki Conjugate (OYC) tracks recorded in London in 1994-95, with processing and post-rationalisation completed during 2015-16.
The album explores a sonic territory area OYC have christened “dirty ambient” – multi layered, hyper textural and distinctly gritty.
Tropic comprises two 24-minute tracks and is intended as a companion album to the band’s cult release "Equator" from the mid 1990s!!!

All Tropic tracks written by A.Hulme, R.Horberry, M. McGeorge, P. A. Woodhead and D. Mudford, with saxophone provided by J. Gardiner.
Tropic’s sleeve is designed by Adrian Harrison and features an original painting by actor Frederick Schimmelschmidt.
The album was mastered by Detlef Funder (Konrad Kraft).
This is best English experimental-ambient.

1 The Fate Of Less Valuable Animals (1994) 24:43
2 Darkness Was Here Yesterday (1995) 24:12

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