Ambiguism (1983-87)


4xLP + 7" + DVD Box (VOD 72) - VINYL ON DEMAND

Limited Edition 600 copies

UK ambient group O Yuki Conjugate were formed in 1982 by Tim Horberry, Roger Horberry, Clare Elliott and Andrew Hulme.
Between 1983 and 1987 they released two vinyl albums – “Scene in Mirage” on A-Mission Records and “Into Dark Water” on their own Final Image Label – as well as recording numerous soundtracks, experimental projects and solo works.
This retrospective documents those years.
It tells the definitive story of how OYC’s sound emerged and developed.
The result includes a reissue of their first two albums with bonus tracks, two additional full length LPs of unreleased material, a 7” single of their first ever recordings, a DVD featuring excepts from their “Scenes in Mirage” and “Peripheral Vision” videos, as well as a large-format poster and detailed listening notes that give a unprecedented insight into the world of OYC.
All told, this package includes over 50 OYC tracks, around half of which have never been
released in any form, making it an essential purchase for the OYC completist.

Tracklist :
§ Rumours Of Music
A1 Pulse
A2 Response
A3 Infiltration
A4 Finally A Burden
A5 Amoco
A6 Sonar
A7 Fire In A Forest
A8 From Here To Where
B1 Tascam
B2 In The Bog Garden
B3 Simple Song One
B4 Death By Cunnilingus
B5 Simple Song Two
B6 Flute Loops
B7 Choral
B8 Disquiet Mountain Plain

§ Scene In Mirage
C1 Kyrie
C2 P2
C3 Sedation
C4 Beyond Control 3
C5 E Tribal
C6 Sedation (Motorway Version)
D1 Intromission
D2 Anima
D3 Odomankoma
D4 Aura
D5 Flute Cloud
D6 Remaining Darkness
D7 Fisherman's Lament
D8 Savannah Nocturne
D9 Anima (Version)

§ Soundtracks
E1 Tidal
E2 Fade
E3 Waiteri
E4 Mute Calm
E5 Your Subtle Charms
E6 Company Voice – Nicholas Briggs
F1 Denouement
F2 Seen From Outside
F3 Rail Music
F4 Shallow
F5 Transcontinental

§ Into Dark Water
G1 Ascension
G2 Rite Of Passage
G3 Raindance
G4 Ba-Makala
G5 Another Journey
H1 Cloud Cover
H2 Musica Ficta
H3 Out Of Nothing Voice – Maddy Alty
H4 Steppe Land
H5 Zone

§ Bonus 7"
I1 Disco Song
J1 Beyond Control
J2 Beyond Control 2

§ Peripheral Vision (An Abstract Environmental Video For Insomniacs)
DVD-1 Rail Music
DVD-2 Another Journey
DVD-3 Shallow
DVD-4 Rising Tide I
DVD-5 Rising Tide II
DVD-6 Ascension
DVD-7 Transcontinental Levitation
§ Enclosures (A Prisoner With His Square Of Daylight)
DVD-8 Denouement
DVD-9 Seen From Outside
DVD-10 From Here To Where
§ Scene In Mirage (Excerpts)
DVD-11 O Side
DVD-12 Anima (Version)
DVD-13 Waiteri
DVD-14 Infiltration
DVD-15 Sedation

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