Frozen Living Elements


CD Eco-Pack (ZOHAR 087-2) - ZOHARUM

”Frozen Living Elements” features an expanded line-up.
Apart from Justin Wright, Expo 70 were Jim Button on drums and Aaron Osborne on bass and additional synthesizers for the sessions and the result can be described as space rock power trio.
With three tracks spread over 45 minutes, the trio takes as on a cosmic tour de force.
With influences ranging from analogue electronica through guitar drone to noisy psychedelia, Expo 70 manages to travel back in time to the 1970s, yet stay as contemporary as they can without sounding dated or irrelevant.
The musicians transport us to their rehearsal room drenched in dry ice where they play their extended acid jams landing somewhere in-between SunnO))), Can and Sperm.
Cover art-work has been designed by Justin Wright in a perfect psychedlic style...
The album was mastered by Scott Colbrun.

1  Frozen Living Elements     19:05
2  Curiosities Of Levitation     15:48
3  Thunderbird Mound     10:29

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