Corridors to Infinity


2xCD Digi-Gatefold (ZOHAR 086-2) - ZOHARUM

Originally released in 2009 in a small tape and CDR edition (150 and 100 respectively), ”Corridors to Infinity” has been finally released into CD format.
This edition, which sees the light of the day 5 years after its initial release, has been expanded to a double album with an additional disc entitled ”Star Coloured Clouds”.
The original sound of Justin Wright's project – guitar-based drone psychedelia – has been expanded here with organ and synthesizer sounds giving it an even more spacious, but also meditative character.
Expo 70 came closely here to Ash Ra Tempel without copying the German trio's sound, but having a similar feel drawing a few parallels with their early work. 
The second unreleased disc, recorded just one month before the sessions for the main album, has more guitars, yet manages to follow the same contemplative path complementing ”Corridors to Infinity” and thus creating a cohesive 2CD offering.
The CD is housed in gatefold sleeve in the vein of Japanese-style vinyl replica.
The cover is based on the original release and the design was handled by Justin Wright. 

§ CD1 - Corridors To Infinity
1-1  Meetings Of The Lunar Eclipse    29:21
1-2  Black Pyramids Under The Martian Sun    25:00

§ CD2 - Star Coloured Clouds
2-1  I   15:54
2-2  II   13:04
2-3  III   26:28

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