Futility Rites


CD Digipack (TumorCD89) - MALIGNANT

With 2 previously self-released CDrs, Erie, Pennsylvania’s Abjection Ritual grabbed our attention by creating a particularly bleak and virulent strain of death industrial that takes the unbridled, feral violence of American power electronics and combines it with the classic charnel house, necro-atmospherics of vintage Cold Meat Industry (BDN, MZ.412, In Slaughter Natives).

Futility Rites is his proper debut, and it fully delivers on the promise and potential of earlier material.
From the slow, caustic crawl of “Aversor”, “Entropic Embrace”, or “Tabernacle of Teeth and Tongues”, to the heavily mechanized grind, razor sharp frequencies and lurching physicality of the title track or “Objects of Wrath”, each of the 8 tracks here are impenetrably dark and filled with oppressive dread, culminating in a release that immediately propels Abjection Ritual to the front of the pack when it comes to malevolent, post-apocalyptic electronics.
For fans of Steel Hook Prostheses, The Vomit Arsonist, Brighter Death Now...

1 Aversor 4:21
2 Barren 4:10
3 Objects Of Wrath 5:26
4 Scum Immersion 6:05
5 Thrust In Thy Sickle And Reap 6:20
6 Entropic Embrace 6:55
7 Futility Rites 7:09
8 Tabernacle Of Teeth And Tongues 7:40

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