Future Days


CD Jewel-Box (JNANA004) - JNANA

CHRIS CONNELLY might be more known for being a member of REVOLTING COCKS, an US/Belgian Industrial-Rock band formed in 1985.
But Chris has also a big solo discography...
"Further Days" is a total re-recording and reimagining of the acclaimed 2002 album "Private Education", a beautiful acoustic art-rock album
reminding a lot to best David Bowie...

"I was never satisfied with the final product although I always loved the songs, written at a very transitional time of my life, I think what you have now is what it should have been, and I am lucky enough to be afforded a chance to have started it again and seen it to a more graceful conclusion"

1 Harbour Days 6:35
2 Samaratin 5:42
3 You Vs Miracle 5:42
4 About The Beauty Of Laura 4:43
5 Fortune Strikes Again 6:06
6 Lipstick In Labyrinth Park 6:22
7 No One Is Scared 3:47
8 That Angel Skill (The Last Hit Man) 5:35

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