Alice The Goon


CD Digipack (UNITED JNANA 2002) - JNANA

Alice the Goon is a reissue of a one-sided, one-track, vinyl-only release which was available for sale for only two days in May of 1995, at a music festival in France.
This reissue features an extra track, recorded at the same time as the original issue track, but resulting in over three times as much music.
The music provided on this release is as striking and unusual as anything else Nurse With Wound has produced, but has the added bonus of having each track be so disparate from the others as to provide a nice overview of what might be expected on other Nurse With Wound releases.

1 (I Don't Want To Have) Easy Listening Nightmares 9:28
2 Prelude To Alice The Goon 12:51
3 Untitled 7:24

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