Tempus Null

GNOMONCLAST [Luftwaffe side project]



  • Black Mirror
  • Hated!
  • Trust
  • We Are the First

Great debut release by this US project ..
Previously consigned to the liner notes of diverse Luftwaffe releases, GNOMONCLAST—having gathered themselves together—has recorded a virulent 60 minute exposition on the subject of time’s censure.
“TEMPUS NULL,” is the result of a collaborative effort waged by Luftwaffe and Valence. This debut album consists of 20 tracks, which includes a cover of Death In June’s “Rose Clouds of Holocaust,” and also features collaborations with ARt ABSCONs and State Research Bureau.

“Time that ends will not begin again.”

Tracklist :
1. Procession
2. Trust
3. Tempus Null
4. Rose Clouds of Holocaust
5. We Are The First
6. Hated
7. Vindication
8. Beast of Xtian Zionism
9. Folly
10. Instrumental
11. St. John Parlabane
12. Black Mirror
13. Imperfection
14. Es Ist Zeit
15. Regret
16. Lack
17. Dogs
18. In Time
19. Postage Not Required
20. Tempus Knoll

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