Gather Together

GNOMONCLAST [Luftwaffe side project]

CD Digipack (OECD 145) - OLD EUROPA CAFE


  • Der Geist Der Freien Felder
  • Machine
  • Wake, Nancy
  • We Are The Last

This, the second album of a proposed trilogy, furthers the themes drawn from Tempus Null nearer to a conclusion.
While remaining aggressively percussive, many orchestral movements and melodic constructions accompany the virulent proclamations of J1 StatiK (Luftwaffe) and N2 ItinitI (Valence).
Also accompanying Gnomonclast for this release are a host of musicians from such bands as Art Abscons, Cult Of Youth, Awen, Stahlfaust, State Research Bureau, Giftstrauch, and Front Sonore.
This album exemplifies its title, for never before have so many diverse artists gathered together to tell a coherent, yet complex narrative concerning time’s certain movement toward an end.
Prior to time’s censure, Gnomonclast offers "Gather Together," an album that requires close scrutiny.

1. Endstrom
2. Machine
3. Render Not Worship
4. A New Way
5. We Are The Last
6. Der Geist Der Feinen Felder
7. Zeit Ist EIn Verraeter
8. Sins Of Our Parents
9. Ascension Of Indignation
10. Ruins Of Heldscalla
11. Wake, Nancy
12. Entres Las Cenizas
13. Black Rainbow
14. Gloria
15. Riddles
16. Winter's Frost
17. Fly

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