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CD in High-Quality Die-Cut Wallet (HOS-600) - HOSPITAL PRODUCTIONS

One final copy on stock.

CD comes in Special die-cut cover and spot gloss printed wallet.

the past died with the future
the future dies forever !
the apocalypse has already happened
there aren’t any sunken caskets of gold
and besides
you can’t even swim
how does anyone know what’s inside another
how does anyone know what’s inside another country
there are no countries
only marketplaces
there is one world, no rules, no fixed ideals – not even chaos exists.

sometimes the awareness of the ridiculously short existence overcomes you, framed in sick trivialities. and yet there is hope in the midst of the absurd and this publication tells of it. no teaching! no warning! no example! just a report.
we all owe a death
you pay yours first

1.  Sivil War Scapegoat
2.  We All Have No Fate
3.  I’m Standing Up
4.  True Son
5.  Layer Of Bodies
6.  Field Operations
7.  Dark Industrial Pollution
8.  Pro-Serial Killer

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