CD Folder (Folk 002) - THE EASTERN FRONT

Traditional tunes and songs of Brittany (France) played and improvised by Italian flute Master Gregorio Bardini and French musician and writer Thierry Jolif.

Kantalon is an ancient Gaelic word, it refers, in this old Celtic tongue, to the « chant » but also to the lessons that the druids were teaching to their pupils.
This name has been found engraved on a votive pillar, so we could see a symbolical link traced between the knowledge the druids were transmitting through the oral, and often singing, courses and the pillar rooted deeply in the soil and with his peak touching to the skies, sacred domain of the invisible.
As the Kantalon is rooted into a particular soil so we are, and those songs are too, they belong to us because we belong to this particular ground and country even if we are living in a time far away from the time in which they were created.

1 Demandes Moi Je (4:28)
2 Bretagne Aux Monts Sales (2:30)
3 Berjelentig Mouesz Ar Verjelenn (7:33)
4 Merzhin Et Arthur (3:53)
5 Skolan (9:06)
6 Instrumental-Arwezenn Avalau (4:55)
7 Roue Ar Romani. Part I (2:20)
8 Roue Ar Romani. Part II (8:53)

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