A Lonely Place


CD Jewel Box (SKD 20) - STEINKLANG

Hypnotic Dark-Ambient from UK, with hunting tribal rhythms and ritual soundscapes.
the music sometimes reminds to classics like Lustmord (Monstrous soul), SPK (Zamia Lehmanni) and early Raison d'Etre.
This album is a capturing soundtrack for rituals, no matter if you are painting, meditating, walking through highlands, having sex, or whatever.
Also includes a collaboration with SIEBEN.

1 A Lonely Man (7:37)
2 Without Hope (6:17)
3 Waiting For Better Days (6:37)
4 Unable To Escape (7:15)
5 A Constant Feeling (5:26)
6 Of Frustration And Disappointment (8:31)
7 We Are The Dead (10:25)
8 Drainage (Sieben Remix) (4:29)

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