Zero Coma Zero | Recycled Magick Emissions


CD + 2xK7 + 2xCDR Wooden-Box () - ZOHARUM

This album was originally released on Nefryt in CDR format and limited to 250 copies.
Reissued now with new cover, new master and additional tracks from "recycled magick emissions" MCDR (released on Nefryt sister label-Malachit).
Despite the years, the material gathered here is still sparkling energy and great acoustic sounds.
The musicians built their own sonic constructions and used exotic instruments in an intriguing way.
"zero coma zero" is a study abou dying, death and rebirth, the objects used on the recording were either archaic ethnic instruments or they were found in the junkyard.
For the 10th anniversary of HATI's live work this "deluxe" edition of the "zero coma zero" album was released and presented in a wooden boxset containing:
§ "Zero Coma Zero" CD digipak
§ "Zero Coma Zero +" Cassette
§ "Music For Metal Idiophones / Genius Loci" Cassette
§ "Works for Scrap Metal" CDR
§ "02/03/07 Teatr Groteska" CDR
§ 4 postcards + 1 sticker + 1 pin
§ A personalized certificate signed by the musicians.
The boxset will be strictly limited to only 65 copies worldwide.

This is a summary of HATI the early years (2003-2006)

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