Herremoral | Slavemoral

DØDSMASKIN [Dodsmaskin]

2x12" (TumorLP134) - MALIGNANT

Norwegian death industrialists Dødsmaskin hereby present their sixth full-length output, 'Herremoral | Slavemoral'.
A ten-track behemoth divided into two thematic parts based around Friedrich Nietzsche’s thinking on Master-Slave morality. Having relied heavily on industrial aesthetics as a consistent keystone in the past, this element is now more pronounced than ever, resulting in a recording that embodies what is arguably the duo’s most extreme and overall ambitious effort to date.

Furthermore, in order to visually connect the album concept with Dødsmaskin’s core creative process - the immersion of analogue and digital audio sources into specific phases of sonic coloring - experimental photographer Raina Vlaskovska was commissioned for the artwork, utilizing a specialized technique to create imagery known as chemigrams and provide 'Herremoral | Slavemoral' with nothing short of a stunningly perfect armature.

A1  Trusselbilde 3:47
A2  Døpt I Bensin, Renset Med Ild 4:08
A3  Imperium 6:12
B1  Målet Helliger Middelet 3:25
B2  Virkeligheten 6:49

C1  Selvmordsetikk 5:34
C2  Offerkultur 4:55
C3  Fordømte Svin! 4:07
D1  Dere Er Ikke Lenger Ønsket Her 5:27
D2  Fiksjonen 5:22

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