Hotel Bravo


CD Digipak (ZOHAR 185-2) - ZOHARUM

After a longer break Rapoon returns with a brand new studio album.
The eponymous „Hotel Bravo” is a relict of sorts, which lost its splendor with time and water that took away a part of adjacent land.
This decaying building is also a symbol.
A special place evoking fragile memories, scraps of images and long forgotten conversations.
It’s all the movies seen during the time of adolescence.
Finally, it’s all the dreams dreamt years ago by guests within its premises…
The above depicts a journey to which Robert Storey invites you on a course of its eight intricately woven sound compositions.
Glitch Ambient-sounds with this special Rappon flavour.

1 Hotel Paris 8:24
2 When the Chimes End 7:17
3 For a Few Sitars More 8:32
4 Oyamma 8:20
5 In Our Name 4:25
6 On Our Path 6:38
7 In Lights of Gold 7:09
8 In Cement Garden 7:50

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