The Library of the Dead



The second CD from Robin Storey on Ewers Tonkunst after the “Mental Traveller” collaboration with Cisfinitum released in 2006.
Also this time a Russian artist is involved : the folk singer Tatyana “Toloka” Stepchenko who also took part in one track on the above mentioned album.
Tatyana kindly recorded some songs for Rapoon a capella and allowed him to pull apart, re-arrange, cut-up and re-sample her voice into the sounds and arrangements on this album.
The result is a very delicate and enlightened work, a sonic travel through clean and vast spaces of Russian North to find some ancient and ancestral recollections, made using typical Rapoon sounds, the great and unique voice by Tatyana and some very fresh and clear ambient tunes.

1 Sunday Dawn
2 Plains
3 Rising
4 The Dark Spaces
5 Fortunes Mistrust
6 Verianus
7 Set Me Free
8 River
9 Scream
10 Vibrations
11 Damask And Lipstick
12 The Long Hallway
13 Sidelong
14 Sing Song Swan
15 Kandinka
16 The Shades Herald
17 Diamonds And Flock

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