Kreuzung Vier


CD Folder plus Cards (HHE 021 CD) - EWERS TONKUNST

The fourth issue in a series of collaborations between Reutoff and their friends.
This issue includes 3 tracks from Reutoff based on the source material by Deutsch Nepal and 3 tracks suite called “Jigsaw Puzzeling With A Dismembered Reutoff” created by Deutsch Nepal using the sounds delivered by Reutoff.
The release comes in a special "Kreuzung" series package made of brown kraft carton with a full colour stickered artwork/info cover and Reutoff logo embossed on the back, the CD is housed in the same carton die-cut inner envelope.

1 Reutoff Eating The Dust
2 Reutoff Land Of Outcast
3 Reutoff Mutual Death
Jigsaw Puzzeling With A Dismembered Reutoff
4 Deutsch Nepal Prehistorical Bulldozer Delivering Service
5 Deutsch Nepal The Carnivorous Jigsaw Puzzle
6 Deutsch Nepal The Beast Of Reutoff

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