Hour Of The Wolf

Various Artists (IRM / Survival Unit / Alfarmania / Sutcliffe Jugend)

CD in A5 Booklet (fa-cd-077) - FREAK ANIMAL

Hour Of The Wolf consist nearly 20 minutes work per four artists:
Martin Bladh (IRM) / Kristian Olsson (Survival Unit, Alfarmania) Kevin Tomkins (Sutcliffe Jugend) and Joel Danielsson.
Decayed tape manipulations, field recordings, gloomy ambient drones, monumental experimental soundscapes.
An album for nocturnal solitary listening.
Comes with 16 pages full color A5 size booklet including artwork and text by each artist. 

1 Kristian Olsson - Vargtimmen
2 Martin Bladh - Towards Yonder Heights
3 Kevin Tomkins - Slow Swells
4 Joel Danielsson - Blind Åtlydnad Voro Som Order Som Felaktig Invigde Förderedde Djup Sömn

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