CD Digipak (ZOHAR 222-2) - ZOHARUM

Limited Edition 250 copies

Erik Jarl hails from Sweden and is actively recording and releasing for over two decades now either solo or as a part of power electronics/industrial acts like IRM and Kaiten.
On “Hyperacusis”, Jarl gravitates towards drone void as he explores and sonically interprets this rare hearing disorder.
Album consists of 2 long (around 20 minutes each), trance inducing tracks that put you into sedative state.
Drones, high frequency pulsations and oscillations work here as a intronautic vessel in which you descend into into the depths of subconscious and as much as we are aware that this is a bold statement the closest comparison that comes to mind is Coil’s Time Machines.
Limited edition of 250 copies.

1.  Hyperacusis Part 1. Frequency Colour First Degree   22:13
2.   Hyperacusis Part 2. Frequency Colour Second Degree   21:58

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