Exists And Entrances


2xCD Digipack (Ahnstern 25 ) - AHNSTERN / STEINKLANG

Jon Michael B'Eirth ( B' - IN GOWAN RING / BIRCH BOOK) is one of the last of a dying breed, that of the wandering minstrel. at the same time he is one of the first, one of the founders of a new generation of Folk musicians, gently growing out of the early ninetees, after a worldwide, for 15 years lasting dark era of no ambitious Folkrock music at all. Approaching the middle of the 70ies, all the great Folk-Rock bands, Songwriters and Minstrels either disappeared or started to drift into triviality (beside a very few exceptions) and the darkness in Folk should last up to the late 80ies/early 90ies, when artists from the early World Serpent label recovered their roots out of the late 60ies/early 70ies era.
This was the time, when the young B' joined World Serpent and within only 2 albums, he got one of the most important acts on that label and for the whole growing scene.
From the very beginning until today he was the lonesome wandering minstrel and with his heartbreaking balads and Psychedelic Folk tunes he occupied many hearts over the past 15 years.
IN GOWAN RING is not only unique because of B's outrider position, he is also a perfectionist and a highly professional autodidact. he is one of the very few persons I ever met, who plays all imaginable instruments and who is even able to build and (re)construct these instruments himself. a unique genius with a big heart full of sadness and flowers...
Exists & Entrances is a retrospective through the years 1994 to 2003, all 40 songs and 157 minutes have never been released officially before, only the artist himself gave away some copies on CDR.
On several songs B' was performing with Michael Moinyhan & Annabel Lee (BLOOD AXIS / ALRAUNE), with Markus Wolff (WALDTEUFEL) and other friends around his magical circle of Folk freaks.
Besides several traditional songs, this compilation also includes coverversions from songs by great 60ies/70ies Progressive Folk artists and songwriters, like THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND, STRAWBS, VASHTI BUNYAN, NICK DRAKE, FRED NIEL, ROD McKUEN, as well as coverversions from PSYCHIC TV, LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, Brian Castillo (JARBOE) and 17 PYGMIES. - all songs were remastered by Axel Frank (WERKRAUM) in the Blue Lounge Studios/Berlin.

Tracklist :
1.01 Montesinho Instrumental 2:05
1.02 A Single Flower 4:18
1.03 Are We Lost 4:06
1.04 Bedlam Boys 8:18
1.05 Winter Flowers 2:24
1.06 Spider Song 3:12
1.07 Hazel Steps (Green Handed) 6:58
1.08 The Secret Heart 3:26
1.09 I Went Into A Hazel Wood 3:57
1.10 Benterdiction 2:29
1.11 Way To Blue 5:51
1.12 Pool And Leaves 1:39
1.13 Under A Willow Tree 3:44
1.14 Just Like Arcadia 3:38
1.15 On The Butterfly's Wing 2:42
1.16 The Lord Of Man 5:37
1.17 Mistress Of The Revels 3:16
1.18 Green Grows The Lilly 1:52
1.19 A Lock That Aint Worth Pickin' 7:00
1.20 Montesinho Revisited 2:07

2.01 Vernal Rising 2:57
2.02 On The Setting Sun 3:01
2.03 Ring O The Rascal 5:31
2.04 Rosehip November 2:21
2.05 Berzerka Murzurka 2:57
2.06 Light Rays And Smoke Shapes 2:06
2.07 Elements Play 5:49
2.08 I Have A Friend 3:41
2.09 Sea Ritual 6:50
2.10 InVacation 2:29
2.11 A Bottle Of Wine 3:02
2.12 The Black One 2:24
2.13 Icarus 6:55
2.14 Where The Sun Keeps Shinin’ 3:09
2.15 Spindle Tree 3:36
2.16 Lil’ Sir John 4:04
2.17 Death And The Maiden 5:34
2.18 The Wind Of Change 4:10
2.19 Leaf Patches On Sidewalks 3:38
2.20 Vernal Reprise 3:04

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