Greetings from the Past


CD Digipack (Shayo 005) - SHAYO

Originally planned to be a temporary project, in the meantime germany's IN MY ROSARY have become a well-known act within the international Gothic / Indie-Scene.
Already their official debut in 1993, "Those Silent Years", brought Ralf Jesek (music, voice, instruments, programming) and Dirk Lakomy (lyrics) this worldwide attention which still holds on - altough IN MY ROSARY's music does not try to be spectacular.
It is more like a sensitive view on the essential things and offers its listeners a sometimes almost fragile entry into its world of emotions.
Coming as a beautifull digipack, this album contains two long sold-out In My Rosary EPs : "Those silent years" from 1993 and "Strange" from 1995 as well as various new versions and unreleased tracks that have been added at the end of the CD.
Their music is a subtile mixture of dark-romanticism and musical minimalism inherited from the 80s through bands such as Death In June, The Cure and Depeche Mode.

1 Winter
2 Whare Freundschaft
3 Dust
4 Sleepless
5 No Doubt
6 Decline
7 Time Tunnel
8 Why We Cried
9 See How They Fall
10 Mercy Killing
11 Catch The Signs
12 Twilight Of The Gods
13 Break And Fulfill
14 Violation
15 Dagger And Rose
16 Mirage (Female Version)
17 Time Tunnel
18 Greetings From The Past
19 Liar
20 The Rose Of The World (Sing-a-long Version)

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