Mystery Seas (Letters Written #2)


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Between 1994 and 1998, Martyn Bates worked solo, and intensely releasing more than eight albums : including collaborations with the song writer and singer Anne Clark and M.J. Harris of Scorn : this was - "Murder Ballades by M.J. Harris and Martyn Bates - particulary influencial and championed by the avant-garde and such as magazines as The Wire.
Mystery Seas - originaly released in 1995 and now entirely remastered - is the second of Martyn Bates' "Letters written" series (the first one came out in the early 80s as he was playing as Eyeless In Gaza).
On this album he sets his songs into organ based backings, going right back to the drones of traditional song and more than this, to church music.
It's an intensive sound which would appeal to fans of traditional folk and electronic music fans all at once, which as to be some achievement.
There is a dream state built up from these songs of drifting minimal chords and layers of vocals.
What could sounds sparse, sounds full and balances.
Songs like "Everywhere there's Rain" rang as amongst his best with his vocals particulary well delivered.

1 You Looking To Me For A Sign (5:02)
2 Shorepoem (4:16)
3 Calm Of Dark (5:27)
4 Imagination Feels Like Poison (5:15)
5 Trade Winds (2:30)
6 Over The Waters (4:51)
7 Everywhere There's Rain (4:49)
8 Empty Pages (4:26)
9 Midday Coming Misty (2:51)
10 On The Beach At Fontana (2:12)
11 Sky After All (4:50)
12 Fragments (Little Star #1) (1:35)
13 If I Could See In Everyone (3:08)
14 Of Night (5:48)
15 Gift (1:00)

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