THOABATH & SADR [Sutekh Hexen/ Kinit Her]

Music Cassette (CQBL059) - BRAVE MYSTERIES

Two entirely mysterious, post-Industrial heavy steppers clashing against one another in some of the most horrifying music. Riveting violence intrudes upon wholly bleak atmospheres, whilst spurned on by the oppressive and necrotic ceremonial propulsion unleashed by this secret communication.
Thoabath is one of the unceasing torrents of dark energy that emanate from the Sutekh Hexen enclave, from the stinking pit across the San Francisco Bay.
Saðr is supreme tribal poly-rhythm tinged orchestral post-Black Metal, hermetically tucked away in parts unknown of thee old Northwest.
The swirling together of musical fluids by these two conjurers is perfectly harrowing.
What hath God wrought?
Dark-Ambient Industrial.

A Sang Answerers
B The Silken Arrow

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