WREATHES (Kinit Her)


Limited Edition 100 copies

This disc captures and reissues the entire output to date of the Wreathes - the monumental pre-Kinit Her union of Troy Schafer and Nathaniel Ritter.
It combines their self-titled album (LP, Pesanta Urfolk, 2012) and their debut 7" single "The Reigns" b/w "Full Turn" (Bathetic Records, 2011).
The Wreathes LP, hailed in some circles as the best neofolk album of 2012, seems so much more than what can fit within the limitations of the term neofolk.
What one is really presented with here is an incredibly thoughtful, original and unpredictable folk rock album, augmented by elements of ancient and early music and a fantastically martial sense of rhythm.
Guests: Dani Dahlke (Devotion, Silt Of The Sphynx's Tor, Kinit Her) and Clay Ruby (Burial Hex).
Limited to just 100 copies.

1 Odes 6:09
2 Bones Of Love 5:01
3 The Reigns 5:10
4 Speech Of The Tides 6:55
5 The Great Gate 5:12
6 Blessed Exits 4:31
7 The Reigns [7" Version] 5:09
8 Full Turn 5:40

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