Boy Dirt Car were formed by Darren Brown and Eric Lunde in 1981 after the two young punkers met Glenn Branca.
After some band changes BDC found their feet and were soon mooted as America's answer to Einstürzende Neubauten.
Inactive since many years Eric Lunde released some solo records and Darren Brown formed IMPACT TEST.

The Boix contains the reissue of the four BOY DIRT CAR cassettes:
"Fracture" - recorded live and in rehearsal.
"Gravel On Urine" - recorded live at Hasken Hotel, P.A.C. mechanical rooms, Jazz Gallery (Express), Walls Have Ears, Chevette (on the way to Chang Cheng).
"Catalyst" - recorded live and at Walls Have Ears.
"The Ghostshirt" - recorded at Walls Have Ears and at Scientist's.

§   Fracture
A1 Recorded Live And In Rehearsal 10/82 - 5/83
§   Gravel On Urine
A2 Fire Truck
B1 Homage: B. Peret (1926)
B2 Feast (You Shame Your Ancestors)
B3 Redshirt
B4 Freie Buehne
B5 Throttlelords
B6 Gravel On Urine
B7 Black Ax On Red Tile

§    Catalyst
C1 Catalyst (Live)
C2 Disturbance At Dawn (Coup At Dawn)
C3 Edwin...
C4 Gnawing
C5 Red Rose
C6 Cleansing Structure
C7 Vertical Research Procedure (Live)
D1 Catalyze (Subjection To Catalyst)
D2 Awakened By A Fear
D3 Black House
D4 "L" Of Infamy: Mr Ed Gein
D5 Symptom Diagnosis Rite
D6 Excerpt From Series "L" 023
D7 Excerpt From "Magnetic Spine / Wireless Spine"

§    The Ghostshirt
E1 Parched And Dried
E2 Strike
E3 R.S.V.P.
E4 Hell As Is
E5 Howard Benson Was Lying On The Floor
F1 The Ghostshirt
F2 The Brood

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