Brooklyn Bridge



In general, composers of ambient tend to fashion their music at the quieter end of the dynamic continuum and in the farthest reaches of the quiet, his music looking at the natural world as through a microscope, is John Hudak.
His name has become synonymous with an extreme form of microsound, exploring the the gentle repetitions of noises that either bypass our attention or, even more remarkably, exist beneath the threshold of human hearing.
In his own words, his work "focuses on the rhythms and melodies that exist in our daily aural environments.
These sounds usually remain hidden, as we tend to overlook their musical qualities; or, their musical qualities are obscured through mixture with other sounds".
Hudak subjects his field recordings of these unheard sources to digital manipulation, resulting in finely honed sonic vistas that are familiar & organic, yet achingly strange.
For this album John was using sounds recorded from the bridge .....

Tracklist :
1 Untitled 17:03
2 Untitled 15:17
3 Untitled 11:00
4 Untitled 16:33

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