Jordansfrost (2016 Re-edition / White Digipack)



2016 re-edition with a fourth cover variation (white background).
Comes in spot varnished and debossed six-panel Digipak.

SONNE HAGAL's second full-time album once more bestows the listener with a journey into the unknown realms of poetry, mysteries and enthralling melodies.
Closely connected to Europa's folk-music tradition and the Northern mysteries, the band develops song structures that reach from simple traditional arrangements to complex compositions.
The songs, performed in German and English, reveal rediscovered poems as well as self-written lyrics.
They tell about simple campfire stories, mythological or surreal matters.
The atmosphere of the songs varies from intimate, quiet parts to fresher, light-hearted and lively sounds up to heavy distorted parts supported by real or electronic drums.
Each song unfolds its own universe, interconnected by the central idea of "Jordansfrost": the constant changing between light and darkness, the seasons or even life and death themselves.
A number of well-known international artists supports the band in their intention to create more than just music: a whole philosophy. Amongst others you'll find:
Of The Wand And The Moon (DK), Waldteufel (US), Ernte (GER), Lux Interna (US),
Darkwood (GER) and Black Sun Productions (CH).

A1 Flackerndes Feuer 4:16
A2 Midsummernight 3:39
A3 Vengeance 2:58
A4 Das Letzte Lied 5:11
A5 Hidden Flame 3:48
A6 Rokh 4:17
B1 Herr Gilbhardt 4:35
B2 Ragnarök 3:40
B3 Who Has Seen The Wind? 2:43
B4 Totentanzlied 4:15
B5 The Hawk 3:13
B6 Over The Stone 5:07

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