Helfahrt [Second Edition]


CD Digipack (Luftschutz 013) - LUFTSCHUTZ ENTETAINMENT / TESCO

Nine years after its first release here comes finally the re-release of Sonne Hagal's masterpiece HELFAHRT the album previously out on the now defunct Eis & Licht label.

A fine collection of songs about nordic mythology, philolosophy and poetry.
Once more supported by Kim Larsen (:OTWATM:) this edition is published in a total new deluxe artwork for the first time with full lyrics included.
If you like darkfolk or neofolk - don't miss this album!

1. Memory, Hither Come
2. Eismahd
3. Midwinternight
4. Song Of Innocence
5. Raidho
6. Futhark
7. Midgard
8. Comrade Enemy
9. Thrymskviða
10. Song Of Experience
11. The Runes Are Still Alive
12. The Sick Rose

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