Shadow Mission HELD V [Limited 1]


CD Digipack (SPV CD 321083) - OUT OF LINE

Kirlian Camera, the Italian cult group, is out on a mission.
Here comes the limited edition CD version of their 2009 album.

Centrepiece of this album is a modern and seriously club-compatible re-invention of the group’s classic hit “Heldenplatz” plus an array of ALL NEW songs that can easily stand in line with some of Kirlian Camera’s biggest classics.
On tracks like “E.D.O.”, the band mingles memorable melodies with powerful electronics and an irrepressible lust for sonic experimentation, all carried by the impressive vocal presence of Elena Alice Fossi.
The songs are about space exploration and going beyond the surface of what we believe to know and, reflected in a musical approach that works on a multitude of different levels.
Elena and Angelo Bergamini have created a dense net of electronic sounds that will pull you into their unique atmosphere but that will work on a dance floor just as well, while still retaining the spirit and feeling of the classic Kirlian-Camera-hits.
The shadow mission is rounded off by some previously unreleased mixes and rarities.

Tracklist :
01 Heldenplatz (Mission Walhalla IX)
02 E.D.O. (Europe Drama Orbit)
03 Odyssey Europa (Premiere Version)
04 Edges (Mission Walhalla V)
05 K-Pax (Remix by Fotonovela)
06 Alien Chill Calling (Part 1)
07 Enemy Closing In (Albedo 0.64)
08 Alien Chill Calling (Part 2)
09 Julia Dream (kcpf 1)
10 E.D.O. (Europa Drama Orbit – Mixtrumental)
11 Heldenplatz (Mission Walhalla IX – Radio Edit)

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